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April 10


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"As I watched the burning remains of my planet descend beneath me, it was with an odd sense of a disconnect that seemed to flow through me. The screams, shouts, the muffled thumps as evacuation shuttles were caught by anti aircraft and orbital fire... seemed to pale at the disturbing beauty of a thousand cities burning on the edge of darkness with a macabre, dismal glow." The Brimknole took a long, shaking breath... flexing his long fingered hands to calm himself.

"It had started two months before, The Coalition Second Fleet had entered the system  reporting the sector capital having fallen. They started preparing defenses, big words about how they would stop the might of the Serian League at Seton and the bastards would go no further." He chuckled with a short and mocking tone. "The Space Battle ended in an hour and a half. The poor bastards, even being prepared for an enemy gives you nothing with twenty to one odds. The Serians had nearly seven hundred dreadnoughts, and the fleet was swatted away like a Rangarkan Equititan charging through a Bugge screen. The barrage fire was so intense that stray missiles and rail gun rounds riddled the second and eighth moons with enough fire to wipe out every mining complex to the atoms, fuck it shattered the third moon and sent it plunging into the eastern sea... or parts of it, at least... took out an entire continent right then and there."

Scanning the wide eyes of the Sixers before him, he shook his head. "Just like that, they were on us. The largest, most populated continent was hit first... the refugees said the drop ships blotted out the sun, a cloud of death falling as the three headed monsters began killing everyone and everything they saw. There was a news report of them driving through a goddamn church of civilians with tanks and firing on Hospitals with artillery. The Indoctrinated bastards didn't even respond to calls for mercy or surrenders." Looking around, the Brimknole saw the eyes of other survivors from other planets looking away with gleaming eyes - The story had been told a thousand fold across the vastness of known space since the IDI and their Serian League puppets began the searing.

"Eventually," he continued, "The Leaguers moved their fleet on, no doubt clearing the way for the IDI ships to commence the searing. Not that they needed too, Orbital strikes, and ground forces had long since overwhelmed any and all defenses. The planet was lost. But, it opened a window. Commodore Jennerett entered the system like a sledge hammer, he had surprise and a lot of ships on his side... more than he does now. You could even call what he did a victory, if it wasn't for the fact it was a smash and grab." The tall, slim Brimknole heaved a deep and shaking sigh once again but this time with a gentle smile. "I remember, watching that Tri-Head cruiser above us detonate like a firecracker when the first wave of torpedo bombers began cutting through the Leaguer formation... it was by far the most beautiful sight I had seen in my life, up until that point. Dismay immediately turned around into hope, no longer were we waiting to die... No! We weren't alone, and someone out there still -cared-." He grinned a toothy smirk, "His call for evacuation to the old spaceports hit every comms box on the planet and shuttles, frigates, passenger liners, even tramp freighters and Cargo Boats were hitting the dirt. It was... the longest fucking running gunfight of my life. The Serians' naval fleet had been taken out, but their ground troops and fighters were everywhere." He leaned forward, which was mirrored by the wide eyed Sixer Marines leaning in... two of the enthralled aquatics knocked their heads together, so busy staring at the Brimknole... causing the two tailed male to chuckle as they rubbed their heads.

"It... it wasn't easy, what remained of our army and reserve forces - the poor bastards - made final stands across the world to open up roads to the spaceports. Not... not all of them succeeded." He paused once more, eyes glimmering as his voice began to crack. "My, my Andrea.  She was two trucks behind, we'd been married... twenty years. The third marines had broken, we heard their dying screams on the radio but... there was no diverting, not in time. A Serian tank column bust through the tree line, and began hammering the convoy. Her... her truck was hit, third. I didn't even realize it at first, machinegun fire riddled the truck I was in. Blood was everywhere, the... the -screams-, Gods the screams. There was a mother and her child sitting across from me, they took a cannon shell and the mother was just... just obliterated, the baby's arm was tore off. It squalled, and squalled... until it bled to death." He fell silent, staring at the ground - visibly shaking.

"I... I couldn't do anything to save them. There were so many bullets, and they just kept driving." He bit his lip, "Blood, it w-wa-" He croaked softly falling silent as his shoulders began gently shaking in sobs. The marines looked at one another and began to get up, before the man waved... trying to get himself under control. "No w-wait. S-someone, someone has to tell the tale." He desperately rubbed at his eyes, trying to clear them.

"We got to the spaceport, and that's... that's when I found out my Andrea's truck never made it. I... I wanted to go back for her, but... some Marines stopped me, shoved me aboard a Humpback. The aircraft had to buckle me in. It was... then... that the IDI Arrived. For me, it was just dark... night had crept up on us, filled with tracers and fire. We were ordered for immediate lift off, I still remember the screams of the people and the grim faces of the marines left behind to clear the pad for us to take off. It was the end for them, the searing had come. Which, leads me to the beginning of our story."

The Brimknole rubbed his eyes as he tried to separate events in his mind... before taking and deep breath and continuing, "We've all seen the searing, a slow moving line of atomic flame that atomizes a planet's surface to a uniform smooth, almost glass flat orb almost to the edge of the crust. It takes almost a week, but most are dead days before, the IDI do it slow... I don't know if it's to torture the last to die or to allow their League flunkies to get off the planet. Either way, I knew something was off when I began to see the cracks. As first, it was along the fault lines... like red tracings of most of the continents, but then... it began to split, like lightning tracing across the planet's surface. The fuckers, the IDI apparently didn't even give a shit about their own flunkies."

He slammed a fist on the table nearby, "The bastards cracked the planet! Thing began breaking up and then  tearing itself apart by centrifugal force. Massive chunks, molten fire, all flung into space... huge chunks slamming into spaceships... evacuation shuttles vaporized. The poor bastards who didn't get off the pad fast enough were swallowed by the planet's fucking mantle as it came spewing out!" He bared his teeth in fury! "It's not like vaporizing us wasn't enough for them?! They had to fucking BLOW UP our goddamn planet, too!" He shook his head, about to continue when the red flashing light on the forward bulkhead began going off;

"General Quarters, General Quarters, All hands - Man your Battle stations."
The Story of Evacuation Flotilla 137,

"By the rivers of Babylon we sat and wept
    when we remembered Zion."
GratefulReflex Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ok I just flat out like this one, the content is appropriately hard to take to the point the reader might shy way from the screen and yet that is the exact sort of chaos one could anticipate given the situation. It's at times difficult and yet you keep reading all the way to the planet's end, a proper climax that  is devastating and yet not overdone.  A fine work bandit.
madcomm Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2014  Student Digital Artist
This is amazing <3
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